5 Steps to Follow When Injured at Work

Posted on Wed Jul 18 2012 by Vincent Jesuele

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Let’s face it: a lot of us work in dangerous jobs – construction, manufacturing, warehousing. And a lot of us work in not-so-dangerous jobs – offices, schools, medical facilities. The truth is that in almost 30 years of handling workers’ compensation cases, I have seen very severe injuries in both types of jobs! When an injury occurs on the job, these five things are crucial to ensuring that your claim is set up properly from the start:

  1. No matter how minor you think the injury is, make a prompt report to the proper person in your company on the day of the accident.

  2. Insist on a medical evaluation immediately – through a local emergency room or industrial clinic, depending on the type and severity of injury.

  3. Ask the workers’ comp administrator at your job for the name, claim number and telephone number of the workers’ comp insurance adjuster. Write this information down and keep it in your wallet or in another safe, convenient place.

  4. Be sure to give the medical facility a clear description of what happened, where, and when.

And last, but at least as important as the other four:

  1. Call a lawyer right away!

I have been handling workers’ compensation cases for 28 years in Northern New Jersey. I can help answer any questions you may have, and I can either set up and handle your claim myself or direct you to someone who can. If you’ve been hurt on the job, don’t hesitate! Call me at (908) 232-2040 or visit my firm’s website at http://injuryhq.com/ today!

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