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Third Party Liability

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New Jersey Lawyers Holding Third Parties Accountable

While it is true that workers’ compensation provides coverage for medical bills and time away from work, it may not always be enough. What about the pain and suffering you’ve endured? Who should be held accountable for these damages?

In certain cases, third party liability may provide an additional source of much-needed compensation for those who have suffered serious workplace injuries.

At the Cranford, New Jersey, law offices of Kessler, DiGiovanni & Jesuele, LLC, we assist victims of workplace injuries with pursuing workers’ compensation claims, as well as third party liability claims. With more than 90 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the skill and knowledge needed to secure maximum compensation from all liable parties.

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What is Third Party Liability?

Let us say, for example, that you are a deliveryman driving your truck on your route. Through no fault of your own, you are rear-ended by another vehicle. You potentially have two claims — a workers’ compensation claim AND a personal injury claim against the driver of the other vehicle.

Your workers’ compensation claim will most likely cover your medical expenses and a portion of your wages for time away from work. The claim against the other driver, the third party, may allow you to recover money for pain and suffering, and other damages.

Establishing Third Party Liability

Third party liability often arises in the context of construction site accidents, where a variety of companies and subcontractors are on-site and where many different kinds of machinery or equipment are being used. A common example of third party liability in this setting includes industrial accidents where defective equipment causes a serious injury.

Our seasoned litigators will fully explore the possibility of pursuing a third party liability claim. This may entitle you to damages over and above workers’ compensation benefits. Contact us to speak with an experienced attorney.