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Personal Injury

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car/Auto Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents

Other Cases

Slip & Fall
Dog Bites
Products Liability
Workers’ Compensation
Third Party Liability
Construction Site Accidents
Flight Crew Injuries
Medical Malpractice
Nursing Home Negligence
Legal Malpractice
Wrongful Death

Types of Injuries

Neck & Back Injuries
Brain Trauma
Shoulder Injuries

New Jersey Lawyers Guiding You Down the Path to Recovery

At the Cranford, New Jersey, law office of Kessler, DiGiovanni & Jesuele, we have cultivated a talented team of attorneys dedicated exclusively to personal injury and wrongful death law. We understand how to investigate accidents and hold negligent people financially accountable for their actions.

If a serious accident has killed a loved one, or left you with serious injuries, contact us. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case.

Protecting the Rights of Injury Victims

At the law office of Kessler, DiGiovanni & Jesuele, we represent individuals and families in personal injury and wrongful death cases involving:

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Serious car, truck and motorcycle accidents require the guidance of experienced attorneys. We have the resources to properly investigate and prepare compelling cases. Rest assured, we will strive to secure maximum compensation for all of your losses and injuries, including:

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Shoulder injuries

Premises Liability: Property owners and managers have a duty to maintain their property in a safe condition. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, or have suffered a serious dog bite, call on us.

Products Liability: A consumer product may be defective in the way it was designed, manufactured, delivered or labeled. If you suspect you have been injured by a defective product in your home, at work, or at play, call us to evaluate your case.

Workers’ Compensation: If you are injured on the job, including a construction site accident, our experienced and dedicated attorneys can help you recover the workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. They will also explore the possibility of bringing a third party lawsuit against a negligent person or entity.

Medical Malpractice: Doctors and other healthcare providers do not always treat patients according to professional standards. The result for the injured patient can be severe, including significant medical complications or even death. We hold physicians, hospitals and nursing homes accountable for their careless actions.

Legal Malpractice: Did your lawyer commit an act of legal malpractice? Lawyers should be held to their professional standards. If they are derelict in their duty to their clients, they must be held responsible.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We have the vision to see paths of recovery for the injured people we represent.