Am I Eligible For Workers' Compensation In New Jersey?

Posted on Sun Dec 16 2012 by Vincent Jesuele

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It can happen that a person’s employment takes place in more than one state. For example, you might be on the clock working for a company based in New York on a highway in New Jersey headed to a job site in Pennsylvania when you get into a car accident. Generally, if you’re involved in an automobile accident while performing your job duties (as opposed to merely commuting to or from work), you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. But where should you file? Are you eligible for workers’ compensation in New Jersey?

New Jersey has broad jurisdiction when it comes to workers’ compensation. If you were hired in New Jersey, New Jersey has jurisdiction. If you live in New Jersey, New Jersey has jurisdiction. If neither is the case but the accident causing your injury happens in New Jersey, New Jersey probably has jurisdiction.

In short, if you’ve been injured at work and your employment has some connection to New Jersey, there’s a good chance that you can file a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey. You should contact an experienced New Jersey workers’ compensation attorney and explain the details of your case to them. I have been handling workers’ compensation matters in New Jersey for almost thirty years and would be happy to give you a free consultation on the matter. You can reach me via email, on the phone at (908) 232-2040, or by visiting my firm’s website.

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