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  • Legal Malpractice Part 1: What is Legal Malpractice?

    Over the next few articles, we’ll be exploring the subject of legal malpractice. We’ll look at some examples of legal malpractice cases, discuss what is needed to prove a legal malpractice case, and examine some issues particular to legal malpractice cases. But first, what is legal malpractice?

    Legal malpractice occurs when a lawyer harms their client, either deliberately or by making errors that no reasonable attorney would make. In legal-speak, malpractice is a deviation from standards of practice of the legal profession, when an attorney fails to demonstrate the level of care and skill of an ordinary practitioner.

    Legal malpractice doesn’t just mean that your lawyer lost your case or didn’t get you as much money as you think you deserved. Even if your lawyer made a mistake in handling your case, they may not have committed malpractice if they were acting in good faith. You must prove that your attorney made a serious error in judgment, was negligent, or intended to harm you.